YOUNGN 3.0 is live

Published 2 years ago

Youngn is a multipurpose media application that is packed with many awesome features. It has been built from scratch with features and performance in mind. With this awesome features you are able to go viral media in under 5 minutes. Using the built-in tools, you can ge your audience media easily and painlessly. 

Powerful and Feature-Rich CMS

This new application provides everything you need to propel your self to stardom with no efforts. It provides you all the tools you will need to build your base.

Add Media with Ease

Add media is very simple. You can add by uploading, importing from popular sites using the URL or the bookmarklet or mass import from YouTube. Four types of media to group your media in: Video, Music, Vine, Picture. You can have a fully functional media site in under 5 minutes.

Customize it Your Way

This app provides you the ability to customize the page your way. Change the template or enable plugins to make the user-experience unique. Furthermore, the site is open-source and very well structured so you can easily understand what is going on and extend features. A plugin documentation will be released soon allowing you to easily customize your page.

Tool Especially Built for You

This web app has many tools built-in. These tools will allow you to control your site with ease and enhance the user-experience. Some of these tools are: Theme Editor, Translation Generator, Sitemap Generator, Newsletters & Digests and others.



  • Upload media, import from popular sites or mass import from YouYube easily
  • Subscribe to users, like/dislike videos or share them 
  • Manage videos, create categories, pages, blog articles, comments and reports
  • Send newsletters and digests, create optimized sitemap or export users
  • Modify the theme using the built-in editor
  • Add translations using the built-in tool
  • Control everything on your site using the massive array of options
  • Add advertisments in many different sizes including Pre-Roll
  • Manage your site with comprehensive statistics
  • And much much more