Nigerian condition

Nigerian condition


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Our condition na this Nigeria na agbam ghari nke kacha ewem iwe bu onye Hausa na agaro akwukwo aha ya bu Buhari still o noro n' oche eze anyi were aguu n' apia anyi utari ndi nke anyi anyi tinyere n' oche noro ebe ahu n' ezuzu yari
When will this nonsense stop, or is the masses fault, everybody is afraid to talk, but it's time to buckle up
Cost of everything in the market is high, still we dey suffer dey smile, our economy is turning bad EFCC still dey do wrong catch, how did you want to sanitize corruption without touching the co founder they blame the youths for doing Yahoo while they clap for the politicians who are the Yahoo God fathers
You are fighting corruption but you afraid to hear the truth, the truth is clear, people who are leading us with you are the corruption tap root
The people you are leading are not stupid yet you are leading us like fools, everybody is afraid of you nobody wants to tell you the truth
The democracy is going crazy

Published 1 week ago

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